Now Available: StorageCraft Downtime Calculator App for Android and iPhone

Now Available: StorageCraft Downtime Calculator App for Android and iPhone

March 16

Ever wonder how much system downtime will cost your business?  StorageCraft is thrilled to announce our downtime calculator app, which enables you to quantify your customer’s downtime loss anytime, anywhere. This free iPhone or Android friendly app is designed to calculate your customer’s potential revenue loss before it happens!

Our new downtime calculator is the selling tool you need to visually inform your client base on why it’s essential for them to be prepared before disaster strikes. Educate your clients on how to avoid costly downtime, productivity gap, and revenue loss before it’s too late. This helps them understand the value in reliable backup software like ShadowProtect—when downtime costs as much as it does, a good backup solution really pays for itself.

When I was as an Inside Channel Account Manager I would often ask my partners: what are your customer’s recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO)?  The recovery time objective is a calculation of the maximum allowable downtime after which the consequence of being down are unacceptable. and recovery point objective is the maximum of data over time that might be lost.  Now with our free downtime calculator you can easily calculate and identify how much potential loss your customer will lose without having a backup plan in place, and thus, what solid RTOs and RPOs can really do to save them money.

The downtime calculator is simple and easy to use. This tool takes several different factors into account, such as number of employees, average hourly or annual wage, percentage of workforce affected by downtime, percentage of lost productivity of those affected, annual gross revenue, days open for business, business hours per day and percentage of business that would be permanently lost.  With the above items entered, our downtime calculator will automatically calculate your customer’s downtime cost per incident. This is the trick you’ve been waiting to pull out of your back pocket and close every sales deal.

If you don’t have the StorageCraft app, you can download it on the Google Play store, or in the iTunes store.  Your log in credentials are the same as those you’d use for the StorageCraft partner portal.