Cloud versus cloud: Are backups needed with online storage?

Cloud versus cloud: Are backups needed with online storage?

August 10

Cloud computing is a fast-growing trend for many businesses. From telecommunications to data storage, it is quickly replacing traditional systems in the workplace. However, there are still many questions surrounding the services provided in the cloud, online backup in particular. Businesses looking to replace their legacy disaster recovery systems with cloud-based services are examining every facet of this technology, and one question may give some pause.

According to TechTarget, many organizations are wondering if they need to invest in cloud backup solutions when they already utilize cloud storage. The similarities between the two services are remarkable, and some wonder if their companies will get more protection from backing up data that is already in the cloud.

The truth is that every company needs data backup software, regardless of where its data is initially stored. However, there are key facts to remember about cloud services and the difference between storage, backups, and cloud applications.


When a business accesses storage in the cloud, it is actually utilizing a cloud application that is linked to local storage in another location. This means data is susceptible to all of the same dangers that on-site storage is. The cloud simply provides more flexible access to that storage location. This is excellent for organizations with numerous offices or remote workers who all need access to the same information, but is by no means a viable business continuity solution.

Cloud storage

Actual cloud storage, on the other hand, consists of cloud-based servers that provide data services that are accessed on local machines. These options, while better than storage in the cloud, are still not reliable backup solutions however, as they are a primary storage site and still vulnerable to various issues, including natural disasters and data corruption.


True cloud backup and recovery software provides additional protection and reliability over storage. Backup options include additional security, recovery solutions and on-demand access should the business encounter a crisis. For most businesses this will meet disaster recovery needs in a flexible and non-disruptive manner.

However, not all businesses may desire to utilize the cloud for both storage and backup. If this is the case, backup solutions are still necessary in order to protect from an emergency. When cloud storage is used, the business can just as easily implement backup hard drive options to cover its disaster needs, while still maintaining reliability and ease of access.