Cloud usage for storage expected to grow

Cloud usage for storage expected to grow

June 27

A recent study by Gartner reports that cloud storage adoption is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. By 2016, consumers are expected to store over 36 percent of their data and digital lives in the cloud, with the average storage per household expected to increase to 3.3 terabytes of data. As business trends often align with consumer ones, professionals should expect to see their data moving online as well.

According to the report, on-site solutions will remain the main focus for data storage. However, utilization is expected to drop from 93 percent in 2011 to 64 percent in 2016, replaced primarily by the cloud. This will be driven by users’ desire to access data from not only their PCs but smartphones and tablets as well – adoption of which is expected to increase.

For businesses, this means an increased focus on online backup and cloud solutions for recovery needs as well. With more data going straight to the cloud, companies will need to adapt their business continuity strategies and deploy efficient backup and recovery software to manage their data in new locations.