Cloud storage allows Ohio schools to standardize, pool backups

Cloud storage allows Ohio schools to standardize, pool backups

May 7

Over 23 information technology centers with about 1.5 million students in Ohio will soon benefit from standardized disaster recovery, storage, and data backup solutions. According to TechTarget, the Ohio Education Computer Network will implement this new system in order to reduce backup costs and improve the efficiency and reliability of storage and recovery.

For the schools, one of the primary benefits of the shared storage solution is that it reduces the risk of one location losing data due to server loss. According to the news source, the new system can quickly recover if one machine goes down at any of the sites, restoring data and applications swiftly.

Ryan McClay, enterprise project manager for the OECN, told the news source that the organization still uses disk backups as well, and tape as a tertiary safety-net.

“All backups go straight to disk, but we want to be able to disaster recover the DR site,” McClay said.

In addition to consolidating data backup, this new endeavor will standardize the various institution’s policies as well, ensuring that all schools are dealing with their data with the same, high-quality care.