Cloud services provide competitive advantage

Cloud services provide competitive advantage

December 2

Many businesses are adopting the cloud for storage, development platforms, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), and disaster recovery, among other solutions. Not all of those investing in online backup services and the other options do so intending to gain a competitive advantage in their field – they do so for cost savings, flexible access, and a number of other reasons. However, according to Unified Communications Strategies, many find the competitive advantage comes for free.

To begin taking advantage of these benefits, a business must examine its own needs. From accessibility to storage volumes, all businesses have different needs, and by analyzing the offered services and comparing them to those needs, a company can find a solution that matches, providing more benefits for less cost. When it comes to disaster recovery, this becomes even more important, as a company has to ensure total protection and reliability to eliminate unnecessary downtime and keep the unexpected costs of disasters low. For many, this essentially becomes a guessing game, trying to predict what may occur and prepare for it in a cost-effective way. Cloud-based backup and recovery software can eliminate these potential risks, covering all possibilities and ensuring continuity.

Ultimately, this is what provides a competitive advantage. With accessibility and flexibility, a company gains benefits for business continuity, but the knowledge that continuity is assured gives a company peace of mind during a disaster, and a clear advantage over the competition that can translate into productivity and profit increases. By eliminating doubt and worry, a company can get down to business with disaster recovery and get back to work as quickly as possible, as if the crisis had never happened in the first place.