Cloud service support grows in the IT community

Cloud service support grows in the IT community

June 28

According to a recent survey by Rackspace Hosting, 91 percent of IT decision-makers have a positive outlook regarding cloud computing and related services, like data backup and recovery software. Systems such as customer service and technical support were among the leading considerations when choosing a cloud provider, and about 75 percent of respondents agreed that cost was less important than these other factors.

According to the survey, 28 percent of respondents even reported that they would turn down job offers from companies not deploying cloud solutions, while only 48 percent said that they would accept one. The cloud is becoming an even stronger driving force in the IT world, and these numbers indicate that businesses may begin to lose talent if they do not stay with the times.

Services that are based in the cloud, such as online backup and recovery solutions, give businesses faster and convenient access to data after an emergency like a system crash. These uses, as well as other innovations that the cloud is inspiring, are driving more businesses to adopt cloud computer, according to the report, as is the cloud’s ability to allow IT professionals to spend less time configuring systems and more time creating new systems.