Cloud ready to replace tape

Cloud ready to replace tape

October 14

As businesses move into the modern era of technology and begin to shed more antiquated tools, data backup software and hardware should be at the top of the list.

Many companies still use tape for their disaster recovery needs. While tape may have been an optimal solution in the 1980s and even ’90s, today it seems subpar when compared to the power of disk or the cloud. The main question these business need to ask themselves is whether or not they are ready to upgrade to online backup.

According to Midsize Insider, cloud data protection tools may be replacing tape, but businesses need to examine security and reliability. If an online service meets the same demands that the company puts on its current tape solution, then it’s time to upgrade. The Cloud provides improved storage space at a lower cost, more efficient backup scheduling and automation, and reliable access that tape simply cannot match. By examining different strategies and implementing one that best fits the company, a business will not only improve its ability to survive a disaster, but make its systems more efficient as well.