Cloud popular for SMBs despite minor risks

Cloud popular for SMBs despite minor risks

June 11

Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly adopting cloud-based disaster recovery plans despite some risks.

According to TechTarget, some providers are warning businesses that the cloud may not be a reliable disaster recovery solution. However, in a recent survey by Spiceworks, online backup was noted as the third most popular cloud application among SMBs. Additionally, 17 percent of respondents said that cloud backup was their top priority for services they expect to purchase within the next six months.

Other factors have affected cloud adoption for server backup solutions and other uses as well, according to the survey. Tablet use and the bring-your-own-device trend are pushing businesses toward the cloud, as the cloud provides easier integration for these devices in daily operations and easily syncs backups across platforms. Seventy-five percent of small businesses allow employees to use personal devices for work.

The cloud is a useful tool for businesses in any aspect, but especially for backup and recovery. While it helps reduce costs, it also provides a support infrastructure that many businesses might not otherwise have the resources to afford. This is particularly vital for a small business that needs a business continuity plan but does not have an IT department.

Additionally, as many businesses are already beginning to utilize the cloud for other services, such as telecommunications, using it for storage, backup, and recovery allows easier integration with these systems for both storing information and analyzing it.