Cloud now critical for business continuity

Cloud now critical for business continuity

April 3

Keeping an enterprise and its network up-and-running at all times is the end goal for any IT decision-maker. However, increasing threats and risks to data are making it more difficult all the time, according to a recent report from CSO online.

In working to combat threats, the news provider said, organizations are finding that several emerging technologies are now critical to business continuity. The rise of the cloud is one such trend having a significant impact on the practice.

“With the use of SaaS for client-facing applications and even internal customer support applications there’s a much improved means of continued availability, even in the presence of minor or major disruptions,” John Morency, a research vice president at Gartner, told CSO. “You have a set of applications delivered from the cloud.”

Furthermore, organizations are also running their backup and recovery software in the cloud. That improves the availability of data and shortens the time needed to recover and restore it.

According to TechNavio, the cloud is one driving factor behind growth in the recovery services market. By 2014, the research firm recently stated, revenue for the market will top $22 billion.