Cloud is changing the face of business continuity

Cloud is changing the face of business continuity

August 2

With so many advances in cloud computing, many businesses are adopting the technology for communications, data storage, and more. However, one major area of running a business that is affected by these changes is disaster recovery and business continuity.

The flexibility and accessibility of the cloud make it an excellent choice for any business trying to implement data backup software in a reliable yet low-cost way. According to ITWeb, this is driving a major change in the business continuity industry.

“Much like eating your vegetables, you know you have to back up your data,” Chantel Lindeman, Frost & Sullivan’s business unit leader, told the news source. “However, as disaster recovery moves into the cloud, that reality is changing and customers can now benefit from real-time information-sharing while achieving the cost benefits of scale.”

While many businesses struggle to implement DR and BC strategies because of costs or an inability to determine the return on investment, the cloud allows them to deploy backup and recovery software in a cheaper way than ever before and begin protecting their data before it is too late.