Cloud is a best bet for online backup

Cloud is a best bet for online backup

August 13

Companies in the past have relied on tapes and other on-premise platforms to back up important files in case of an IT disruption. Businesses that feel safe without multiple backups in place, however, can experience significant issues if a fire, a flood, natural disaster, or theft strikes their building. To be safe and ensure mission-critical data is out of harm’s way, organizations can adopt cloud backup systems.

Mike Smother, writing for the Ahwatukee Foothills News, recently explained why companies should use cloud computing for its online backup capabilities. In addition to the technology’s reliability and convenience, cloud backup offers businesses greater cost-efficiency for their storage expenditures. Another advantage of the cloud is that service providers handle any issues that may occur.

“For server sharing operations, many of these companies include a support package of varying levels depending on your level of sharing but in any case, they are generally cheaper than having an IT department or having to call a professional service to manage your network,” Smothers wrote.

Cloud popularity growing

Thanks to its wide range of advantages, cloud computing is no longer considered just a fad in the IT industry, and industry research has shown more companies are migrating to the hosted environments. IT nonprofit CompTIA recently released its Third Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, finding that more than 80 percent of businesses surveyed currently use some form of cloud computing technology. More than half of respondents plan to up their cloud spending by at least 10 percent in 2012.

The optimism surrounding the cloud does not end there, according to CompTIA, with 85 percent of organizations having positive feelings regarding the cloud, increasing 13 percent compared to 2011. The growing popularity of the solution is also making both IT and business staff members experiment with different deployment models, which include changes to policies and restructuring of departments.

“Internal IT departments also are on the edge of major transformation,” CompTIA technology analysis director Seth Robinson said. “The option for cloud solutions for various parts of the computing stack is opening the doors for IT professionals to perform new tasks, or at least perform old tasks in new ways.”