Cloud helps in all kinds of crises

Cloud helps in all kinds of crises

October 3

Having a cloud-based disaster recovery solution can help many businesses protect their data and restore affected systems swiftly. Whether a hurricane strikes or a power outage occurs, online backup solutions can simplify the situation in a cost-effective, reliable way.

The cloud offers a number of benefits during and after a natural disaster, including helping facilitate a transition to a new office if facilities are damaged. However, it can also be a boon during man-made crises, as a financial firm in Australia recently discovered. A brownout took foreign currency exchange OzForex offline, and the company’s backup generators failed. As a business that operates primarily on email and electronic systems, the company was thrown into panic, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Luckily, the business had a cloud data backup software solution in place.

“When we receive email, it goes to our provider as well,” said David Higgins, chief technology officer for OzForex. “We switch over to using these services if there is a disaster. We want instant access to the data, rather than downloading it. We want to continue to run the business while restoring power.”

With a cloud solution, a business gains reliability and easy access to any of its information, whether a natural disaster occurs, or a server crashes.