Cloud helps businesses prepare for weather disasters

Cloud helps businesses prepare for weather disasters

June 13

Many small businesses use backup hard drives for their storage solutions, with tape being relegated to large-capacity, long-term storage needs for large corporations. However, when data loss occurs because of physical damage, such as a fire or hurricane, these backups can be damaged as well. In these circumstances, onsite backup can be a disadvantage, hurting a company more than it helps. As such, businesses may want to consider online backup solutions.

The cloud offers advantages to any business, especially with data backup. According to Talkin’ Cloud, the cloud allows a company to store its data in a safer and more reliable location. If any does damage affect the company building and network, those backups are safe from harm, but just as easily recovered. Additionally, companies can utilize cloud and disk backups to ensure reliability and redundancy.

In addition to improving reliability, cloud storage is more cost-effective than onsite or remote location disk solutions, according to the news source. In the cloud, users only pay for the space that they utilize, reducing storage costs and removing the need to invest in more physical real estate space or hardware.

Overall, the cloud provides a more reliable option for data backup and recovery, while being safer and more cost-effective than disk or tape solutions.