Cloud computing the perfect alternative to on-site IT

Cloud computing the perfect alternative to on-site IT

February 9

Organizations that must replace outdated IT systems on a regular basis know how frustrating this process can be. Luckily, innovative technologies like cloud computing can help businesses avoid such expensive updates, according to a recent report by Netmetix Limited.

“The best way for businesses to avoid the escalating costs that traditional IT systems can incur is to transfer to a hybrid cloud environment so that the organization can still manage some resources in-house but have others provided externally, resulting in fewer maintenance costs,” noted Greg Schofield, Netmetix business development manager.

Industry professionals often cite cloud backup as a viable disaster recovery solution, one that can keep corporate data and systems safe during major disruptions. Netmetix cited a report by the Department of Trade and Industry to highlight the dangers of data loss. According to the study, 70 percent of U.K. firms that experienced such incidents closed within only 18 months.

Netmetix also cited research by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry that found 43 percent of companies that experienced disasters never recovered. So much can go wrong with on-site IT systems, andĀ firms that implement the cloud may not just save their most valuable information and assets, they may keep their doors open for good.

Cloud computing keeps data safe
Businesses that continue to rely on on-site infrastructure to back up their most important data may not recover their files quickly enough during the next disaster or disruption. A TwinStrata survey found that 80 percent of respondents using cloud computing to store their information can retrieve their files in less than 24 hours. A quarter of respondents said this process is instantaneous.

TwinStrata found that participants without cloud computing solutions for recovery could be out of luck if an incident strikes. One in six said it would take them more than a week to regain their data.

“The ability to implement cloud storage incrementally at first and to grow it over time, provides a unique opportunity for organizations to solve their immediate problems while testing the viability a long-term storage strategy,” TwinStrata said.

Rather than continue to move forward replacing IT systems every few years, firms can avoid this hassle and take advantage of cloud computing to meet their needs. By implementing hosted environments, companies can prepare for the unexpected instead of always reacting to the current situation.