Cloud computing driving corporate success

Cloud computing driving corporate success

May 23

What ultimately makes a company successful? According to a recent survey conducted by IT nonprofit CompTIA, businesses that thrive rely heavily on innovative technologies, especially cloud computing, which has taken the tech sector by storm, thanks to its immense functionality and affordability.

Of the more than 1,250 corporate and IT executives polled, more than three-quarters said technology is important or very important to their companies’ success. A majority of respondents expect to increase IT budgets in 2013, while 40 percent anticipate they will hire more staff members this year.

“Emerging technologies such as cloud computing continue to see adoption gains as well,” said Tim Herbert, CompTIA research vice president.  “More than half of responding companies say they are either experimenting with or fully using cloud computing solutions.”

Other IT priorities among those surveyed include data storage and backups, which are both calling cards of cloud computing. Participants also cited cybersecurity, network infrastructure, computer and software updates and web presence as major areas of focus during the next year.

Cloud computing is expanding at a healthy rate, as organizations worldwide realize the technology’s immense potential. A report by RnRMarketResearch indicated that the global cloud solutions market will expand from roughly $35 billion in 2013 to $123 billion by 2019. The study explained that more firms are aggregating data from multiple endpoints and consolidating servers, encouraging these companies to implement hosted environments.

The cloud market is also expected to experience intense competition, according to the report, which said that established service providers will feel pressure from thousands of vendors trying to take advantage of this burgeoning technology area.

Cloud computing has most definitely asserted itself as no longer a technology defined by hype, but a solution that delivers results for businesses that want to operate more effectively without going over budget.

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc