Cloud computing considered time saver and competitive advantage

Cloud computing considered time saver and competitive advantage

March 1

The IT industry is currently experiencing a significant shift as more companies adopt solutions like cloud computing. Firms looking for options to help them lower their operating costs can do so thanks to the cloud's subscription-based pricing model, which requires that businesses only pay for the services they use.

In an interview with Cloud Computing Journal, CEO and Founder Rob LaMear IV said that the cloud's most significant contribution is not necessarily about saving money, but helping firms save time. The use of hosted environments may also help firms establish themselves quicker than their competitors.

"Time is money. Focusing your team on strategic initiatives gives you a competitive advantage," LaMear told Cloud Computing Journal. "You get to market faster and can deliver something truly special before your competitors. First one to market typically owns 70-80 percent of the market share. Think Apple."

Any company looking for an opportunity to use technology to its advantage without breaking the bank should strongly consider the benefits of cloud computing. The solution may be what ends up setting businesses apart from their rivals.

US businesses supportive of cloud computing
The United States is often a hotbed for the latest and greatest technologies available, including cloud computing. A survey of U.S. and U.K. firms by Redwood Software found that nearly 60 percent of American businesses are using the cloud for private data storage, while 35 percent of U.K. organizations are doing the same.

The survey also found that nearly 50 percent of U.S. participants are using the cloud for their capacity management requirements, compared to 24 percent of U.K. respondents.

Tijl Vuyk, CEO at Redwood Software, said the survey results show that the U.K. still has some challenges to overcome to reach greater adoption levels.

"It will also be fascinating to monitor the timelines involved with this change in mindset, and whether the U.K. will ever catch up to the U.S. or whether the U.S. will continue to lead," Vuyk said.

Cloud computing is still a maturing technology, meaning that the solution can make significant strides in the near future. As more firms worldwide become comfortable with the idea of migrating mission-critical data and assets to the cloud, adoption rates are sure to rise.