Cloud computing can address online storage roadblocks

Cloud computing can address online storage roadblocks

January 10

Businesses are producing massive amounts of data, straining online storage in the process. A recent CDW whitepaper indicated that virtualization, unstructured data and other trends are also making it difficult for firms to manage this information. Although some companies have implemented virtualized systems to make IT management more tolerable, data storage failed to keep pace, resulting in higher data center costs.

CDW outlines one possible solution. Cloud computing offers organizations storage without an upfront capital investment. The technology is ideal because it is scalable and can be available instantly.

There is another clear cost benefit of implementing cloud computing, according to the report. Hosted environments allow businesses to pay for the storage they actually use, keeping costs in check. Instead of maintaining their own clouds, firms do not have to worry about such tasks, since vendors generally handle this workload.

In addition to its cost-efficiency, cloud storage offers an effective disaster recovery and online backup solution. CDW explained that companies can store mission-critical data off-site, which is helpful in the event that a disruption strikes a firm’s office.

More SMBs using the cloud
All of the advantages of cloud computing, especially its cost-efficiency, make it an attractive option for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited resources and budgets. A survey of SMBs conducted by Spiceworks found that cloud computing is a popular technology among these firms.

Spiceworks said that SMBs are using cloud solutions for a number of reasons, including backup, recovery and hosting purposes. Overall, 62 percent of SMBs are currently leveraging the cloud, while more than 70 percent expect to use cloud services in some capacity during the first half of this year.

Spiceworks found that the average annual IT budget for those SMBs surveyed now stands at $162,000. Jay Hallberg, Spiceworks co-founder and vice president, indicated that the adoption of cloud computing and other solutions among SMBs holds even greater significance.

“The world’s SMBs continue to increase their investment in new technologies, including tablet devices, smartphones, cloud services and virtualization,” said Hallberg. “The results of our research bode well for the industry as new technologies become more pervasive and prompt IT departments to make additional investments.”

As the cloud continues to mature, more organizations are likely to consider implementing hosted environments to address a multitude of IT needs.