Cloud computing: A cost-effective disaster recovery solution

Cloud computing: A cost-effective disaster recovery solution

December 28

No company wants to experience an incident that cripples its operations for an extended period of time, but sadly disasters can strike when firms least expect it. But organizations no longer have to worry about losing their mission-critical data during a hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire or other dangerous incident. Disaster recovery solutions don’t have to be expensive. In fact, cloud computing is one of the most effective technologies available for keeping important information out of harm’s way.

The cloud is different from on-site backup options like tapes, discs and external hard drives. Companies with cloud-based disaster recovery solutions store their data off-site. This protects corporate files from incidents that impact their offices. Following a disaster, businesses can access their content so operations can get back up and running.

Companies that want to still have physical backups handy can take advantage of both the cloud and tapes, discs or hard drives to protect themselves from every angle.

There may be a number of disaster recovery options available, but companies without such protection and no plans to do so are playing a dangerous game with their business and data.