How the cloud can help big data

How the cloud can help big data

May 25

Big data can be a problem area for any company, especially when it comes to storage and online backup. However, many businesses are finding solutions to this issue in the cloud and object storage.

According to Computer Technology Review, big data is more complex than simply having too many large files to deal with. Different industries have different types of data they operate with on a daily basis, or massive archives stored away on servers. Even smaller companies and startups can run into this problem, depending on the type of data they work with. A film company, for instance, deals with high-resolution movie files and large amounts of digital media content that can build up very quickly, and needs to be constantly backed up. Traditional storage approaches, such as RAID configurations, do not work for these server backup solutions, because they often require hundreds of petabytes. The news source recommends object storage in the cloud as the next step.

Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others are already using this approach to handle their “unstructured” big data, the same type that the film company may have. Not only does object storage provide a low-cost alternative, but it is easier to search through and manage as well, according to the news source. With scalable storage pools and representational state transfer (REST), these solutions have lower energy consumption, are cost-effective, and can meet the needs of businesses with any amount of data – even those as large as Facebook – without muddying ease of access.

While cloud-based object storage may not be the best disaster recovery tool for every company, any business that operates with unstructured big data should consider it as a valuable storage and backup solution.