Cloud benefits grow as costs shrink

Cloud benefits grow as costs shrink

November 11

According to ReadWrite, the cost of cloud computing solutions, from storage to online backup, is shrinking, while the benefits that a business can get out of these services are increasing at a similar rate. And these growing benefits are especially pertinent when it comes to disaster recovery.

Cloud costs fading
Overall, the cost of migrating to cloud services is simply going down. According to the news source, businesses are able to accomplish more with the cloud, such as meeting regulatory compliance and sharing data across multiple locations, for cheaper than ever before. Robert Offley, CEO of CentriLogic, told ReadWrite that the cost of these services was up to eight times higher just five years ago, and today the cloud is the most cost-effective option for work site replication. And in turn, server backup solutions become more affordable as well.

Disaster preparedness
With the cloud, companies can more easily access their data backups, allowing a business to better prepare for any type of crisis. Should a disaster damage its offices, employees can work remotely and still be able to access data and applications and work efficiently. This flexible access gives a business an advantage during times of crisis and helps ensure survival.

Businesses need the most effective disaster recovery software and related tools possible in order to reduce downtime, protect their data, and recover quickly and without high costs. With the cloud, this becomes possible, and allows the company to begin protecting itself from the unexpected and keep the price of disaster low. Online backup solutions provide the means to keep disasters under as much control as possible and eliminate many risks associated with keeping the company afloat during those times.