Cloud backups a step toward security

Cloud backups a step toward security

August 8

While businesses are jumping on the latest IT trends with growing frequency, more reports are coming in of the dangers of these technologies. However, solutions like the cloud and big data aren’t a problem for companies that take the time to implement related solutions properly. While some may worry about the security of the cloud, it remains one of the most versatile and useful new solutions for data backup software and business continuity.

According to Sys-Con, secure online backups are a necessity for businesses today. Other solutions, such as tape, off-site server farms, and others, can be costly, less efficient, and ultimately troublesome compared to the convenience and flexibility of the cloud.

The main benefit of investing in the cloud over alternative backup options is the availability of data. When stored online, data backups can be retrieved at any time, from any location with a broadband connection. This removes the limitation of needing to be in the office, which is particularly useful when disaster strikes and the workplace is flooded or otherwise damaged.

Without reliable backup and recovery software, a business can flounder after even minor data loss. The cloud provides that reliability in a cost-effective and flexible way that can benefit any company.