Cloud Backup is Perfect for Small Businesses

Cloud Backup is Perfect for Small Businesses

June 11

Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with finding adequate backup and disaster recovery solutions. Most software serves large enterprises or data centers. However, according to eWeek, the cloud may provide the answer for these SMBs and their Windows backup needs.

Transferring information or data to a cloud network server.

The Cloud Cuts Costs and Improves Accessibility

The main advantages of the cloud are that it is more accessible, affordable, portable, and secure. Smaller businesses can use only the space they need rather than purchasing large-capacity hard drives or server backup solutions. The cloud also provides access to data and applications from anywhere rather than one or a handful of locations.

In addition to storage, backup, and recovery, the cloud may be the future of business computing in general, shows IDC. In a new report, IDC analysts anticipate that the cloud will create over 14 million jobs worldwide by 2015, driving business and consumer innovation and creating new opportunities in almost every industry.

Between these two analyses, it is important for businesses to explore their business continuity plans and needs now, in order to prepare for improved backup and recovery solutions in the near future.