Cloud backup faster, more reliable than on-site options

Cloud backup faster, more reliable than on-site options

October 7

Cloud backup is a helpful option for any organization seeking an effective way to protect critical files from disaster. A recent report by The Journal found that even a California high school is storing important files in the hosted environment.

In an interview with the news source,  Larry Steinke, technology director at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, highlighted the advantages of cloud backup systems compared to on-site options, especially in terms of disaster recovery. Steinke explained the school selected its cloud solution because of its reliability, costs, and compatibility with other platforms.

“With respect to disaster recovery, cloud storage also removes many of the issues related to hardware and software compatibility,” Steinke told The Journal. “We can also review and recover backup files from a central location without the need to find tapes or compatible tape drives.”

Since implementing its cloud backup solution, the high school’s overall backup process takes just two minutes to complete. Steinke said the older system required hours or even days to configure.

Cloud computing is still a relatively young technology so some organizations simply do not understand how it operates or its benefits. Ventura County Star’s Bill Husted believes firms utilizing on-site backups should begin to transition to the cloud because some on-site options can fail. Although these devices can be sent to vendors for repairs or to retrieve important data, this is not always an option.

If a disaster does strike, firms can still access information through the cloud, which is something on-premise options simply lack if an incident occurs at an office building.