Cloud backup expected to be popular in 2013

Cloud backup expected to be popular in 2013

December 26

Online backup is expected to continue evolving in 2013, helping businesses of all sizes protect important data from natural disasters and other disruptions. By keeping information off-site, firms can access their files following these types of incidents. InfoStor recently polled several industry professionals to determine what is on the horizon for technologies like cloud computing.

According to Gytis Barzdukas, senior director of product management at an online backup vendor, cloud backup solutions are expected to be crucial for businesses in 2013.

“The acceptance of cloud solutions and an understanding in the enterprise of the benefits that they bring have created a hot market for online backup – just at the point when products are maturing into enterprise-ready propositions,” Barzdukas told InfoStor.

Cloud computing includes several deployment types, including public, private and hybrid models. Barzdukas told the news provider that hybrid cloud backups will continue to gain steam in the near future, especially for smaller firms.

“For smaller organizations, it’s likely that cloud solutions for data backup and access will be teamed with local storage solutions for archiving,” Barzdukas told InfoStor.

The advantages of cloud computing only appear to be growing as companies of all sizes realize the potential of implementing hosted environments. Successful cloud deployments can help businesses improve employee productivity, lower operating costs, replace outdated systems and access mission-critical data following a disruption with online backup. Looking ahead, the evolution of cloud computing and other technologies is expected to define the IT industry as a whole.

Market research firm IDC predicted that global IT budgets will surpass $2.1 trillion in 2013, expanding nearly 6 percent from 2012. Cloud computing and mobile solutions will be key drivers of this development.