CASE STUDY: TS Tech and Reliability in Backup and Disaster Recovery

CASE STUDY: TS Tech and Reliability in Backup and Disaster Recovery

July 27

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Anyone who keeps up with current events knows the need for a solid backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan. As the amount of data produced by businesses grows and the consequences of losing that data grow with it, the need for absolute business continuity, which includes backup and disaster recovery, has become a top priority for many businesses. Business continuity, however, has become a complex system, with many moving parts, which puts pressure on processes such as backup and disaster recovery to become as efficient as possible. According to one Gartner report on disaster recovery management (DRM), “Because IT operations recovery times need to become more predictable, the importance of IT-DRM service levels is continuing to grow.”{{1}} [[1]]Morency, John P., and Witty, Roberta J. “Hype Cycle for Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2011.” Gartner.com. 20 July 2011.[[1]]

When the time comes to implement a plan—and if history is any indication, it will come—then the last thing IT professionals want to worry about is the integrity of their backups. Nor can they afford software that fails to restore data. In a recovery scenario, there are too many other things to worry about, including heightened emotions. There are too many pieces in motion. When it comes down to it, BDR software should be the easiest, most reliable part. Let the weather or the people or the hardware be unpredictable.

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TS Tech and Reliability in Backup and Disaster Recovery

In Todd Schorle’s experience, StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® is software he can rely on. Schorle is president of TS Tech, a managed service provider (MSP). TS Tech focuses on giving small and medium businesses (SMBs) the IT peace of mind they need, but can’t always afford. In order to replace a dedicated IT staff, Schorle and TS Tech must use reliable technology.

But for someone with Schorle’s experience, reliability in software and services means doing more than just doing what they’re supposed to do. It’s about exceeding expectations, about providing a sense of security, and, from the perspective of his business, ensuring a consistent ROI. For Schorle, ShadowProtect passes all these tests. As a result, he uses ShadowProtect as frequently as he can.

Of course, when evaluating BDR software, IT pros do start with what the software is supposed to do and Schorle is no exception.

“Clients rarely know what software you’re running,” he said. “All they really care about is whether or not they can recover their data. For that, I won’t risk being without ShadowProtect.”
In one case, a dentist’s office was running an old server that the staff couldn’t afford to replace. Schorle convinced them to install ShadowProtect on the server, just to be safe. “We have a few dentists,” Schorle said, “and dentists have an immense amount of material that is in play and contains real-time updates.”

Inevitably, the server crashed, but because Schorle was prepared, things worked out fine. “I had complete confidence in my ability to restore that client’s business data,” Schorle said. In the end, his confidence was justified. He and his crew were in and out, performing a complete restore in less than four hours. “Because of the efficiency of ShadowProtect, they were up to speed and fully functional with zero data loss,” he said.

ShadowProtect also alleviates much of the usual BDR stress by being completely hardware agnostic and compatible with Windows. Features like these ensure that MSPs like Schorle’s TS Tech can use ShadowProtect consistently and in any circumstance.

“The development of StorageCraft software is always what and where it needs to be,” he said.

Mr. Schorle also noted that the functionality of ShadowProtect extends beyond using it for BDR. “ShadowProtect is not just our backup choice for clients. We use ShadowProtect IT Edition™ to migrate data to new systems as well. When ShadowProtect creates images, they’re complete. It gets everything. Like I said before, it [ShadowProtect] just runs, and you can recover it all.” Because the imaging is all-inclusive, ShadowProtect saves time and money by acting as a multi-use utility for information management. Because of its continuous backup function, ShadowProtect also provides point-in-time recovery of data anywhere within the back-up timeline.

In addition to all this, Schorle points that the consistency of ShadowProtect makes for good business. TS Tech is an MSP with a fixed-price model, which means the fewer tickets logged by clients, the better the return for Schorle and his team. According to Schorle, since they’ve begun migrating clients to ShadowProtect, “the backup workload is easily cut in half and the ticket count is down 80% conservatively.”

Sooner or later, businesses are going to have to implement their BDR plan in order to maintain seamless business continuity and reliable software is a crucial part of that plan. Experience has shown Schorle and his TS Tech team that StorageCraft ShadowProtect is that reliable product. “It’s the best BDR product I have ever used,” he said. “And I’ll say it again—ShadowProtect just runs. No matter what happens, you can recover it all.”

Download a PDF of this case study here.

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