Case Study: How StorageCraft MDF Can Make You More Profitable

Case Study: How StorageCraft MDF Can Make You More Profitable

June 23

Selling More Services with Other People’s Money

Of course, when we say other people’s money, we mean ours. Surprisingly, a lot of IT service providers leave growth opportunities and potential profits on the table because they’re not mining the rich vein of Marketing Development Funds (MDF) that vendors like StorageCraft offer. Before we get into what these funds are and how they work, let’s look at some things IT companies say are barriers to marketing:

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t have enough money.

It’s not my area – I don’t have enough experience.

There are a lot of barriers, and yes, a lot of IT providers are busy. There are plenty of clients to take care of and projects to complete in a given day, and because so many providers are laser-focused on managing and implementing the technology itself, it’s common for them to have little time for marketing and sales activities. In some cases, marketing and sales are handled by a single person—it’s a lot to cover.

If sales and marketing activities aren’t happening, a business might not be growing as much as it could, and a lot of potential profits are being left on the table. Finding the time to get all the sales and marketing functions taken care of seems daunting when there are so many other necessities. How can you build a business when your hair is constantly on fire?

With the right help, prospecting new clients or selling more services to existing clients can be easier than it looks. That’s what Joel Sosebee, director of sales at North Carolina’s At-Net
Services, found out.

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Photo credit: 401kcalculator.org via Flickr