Case Study: Core DataCloud and Littleton

Case Study: Core DataCloud and Littleton

February 28

What’s a lawyer to do when she deletes a file pertinent to a critical case she’s working on? Losing that one file could be the difference between winning a case and losing a case, which could mean a defendant’s entire life is changed at the bang of a gavel. Worse yet, what if an entire server fails or the building a litigation firm is housed in is destroyed in an earthquake? How many people will be affected then? You absolutely cannot risk losing important critical and sensitive information when it comes to litigation.

Luckily for Littleton, a London-based litigation firm specializing in employment and commercial litigation, their IT contractor had a plan using Core DataCloud and StorageCraft technology.

Thanks to Core DataCloud’s Core DataSafe appliance (featuring StorageCraft technology), the firm has been able to recover misplaced and accidentally deleted files whenever they’ve needed to. The firm also plans to run a full scale disaster recovery test to ensure that the business can recover from potential problems.

You can learn more in this great Case Study by Core DataCloud:

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