Case Study: 4 New Square and Core DataCloud

Case Study: 4 New Square and Core DataCloud

February 25

When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery, things aren’t so different across the pond.

4 New Square is a legal organization that requires constant, flexible, and reliable access to its critical systems. In addition, 4 New Square has an additional challenge in that British law mandates that they must protect and store their data for a minimum of seven years in order to be in compliance.

In order to meet these requirements, 4 New Square needs a backup and recovery system that keeps their data safe for a long period, regardless of what might happen, and is able to restore all of the data in the event of any failure or site disaster. Luckily, they found just what they needed in Core DataCloud.

Learn how our partner Core DataCloud helped 4 New Square comply with British standards and recover from Exchange server and hard disk failures using the Core DataSafe solution (featuring StorageCraft technology) in a great case study by Core DataCloud.

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