Can disaster recovery spur innovation?

Can disaster recovery spur innovation?

November 4

More businesses are focusing on disaster recovery and business continuity planning today, but according to Entrepreneur, there may be some hidden benefits to this process that most companies don’t expect. Disaster planning, and the related tools, may be the key to inspiring innovation inside the company.

According to the news source, one of the keys to succeeding with disaster preparedness and recovery is assembling a strong team that can handle the challenge and rise to the occasion. A disaster can force people to take on new roles and think differently than they are used to, and this can promote innovation and inspire employees to think outside the box in other areas as well, increasing productivity, efficiency, and more.

Additionally, by examining how the company reacts to a crisis and goes about recovery naturally, a business can better understand how its employees work and think, and put their skills to better use in the future. This can improve future efforts for disaster recovery, and encourage better decisions regarding data backup software and continuity-related purchases. It also allows a business to change the way it operates outside of a disaster situation in order to better utilize the skills and talents of its employees in everyday processes, promoting innovation and efficiency all around.

This has hidden benefits for the employees as well. Professionals may become happier with their jobs and more comfortable working to their own strengths. Additionally, given the opportunity, some employees will take advantage of the chance to address their weaknesses and improve upon them.

By embracing disaster preparedness, investing in the right backup and recovery software tools, and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, a business may not only improve its ability to recover from disaster, but enhance everyday operations as well.