What Can Businesses (Particularly MSPs) Learn from This Year’s CES?

What Can Businesses (Particularly MSPs) Learn from This Year’s CES?

January 21

If the most recent Consumer Electronics Show tells businesses anything, it is that the future of technology is out there in many different ways.

The Mashable team wrote that CES taught them that “the future is ultra-high resolution, connected, and driverless.” Here are a few things I gleaned from several of the articles floating around.

Children really are the future

Information technology and engineering businesses take note: 10 years from now, your next hire could have been inspired by a new robot called Meccanoid G15 KS that can teach kids programming and engineering through Learning Intelligent Movement. I’m sure many children whose parents could afford the $400 price tag will use this like the instruction book says, but after seeing the movie “Big Hero 6,” I have a feeling we could see some interesting things come as a result of a child’s/teenager’s imagination.

Another similar product is the Ozobot Bit, which is designed to teach kids how to code using colored lines.

Coming to America

Want to sell in the U.S.? CES has a place for that. I enjoyed this article from the Los Angeles Times that introduced us to Sandy Liang, a representative from Bonorda, a Shenzhen, China-based company, who was manning a booth at the Global Technology Marketplace. He best summed up his experience there with this quote:

“CES is the biggest electronic show in the world, so if we want to develop market here in the U.S. and other regions, we must attend this show,” Liang says. “If a brand does not come to CES, it cannot build awareness in the world. You have to come here to build brand awareness.”

Your business may need virtual payments

The Bitcoin exchange itself wasn’t at CES this year, but people representing the virtual money were, and Tech Crunch reported that they are only getting started. That says to me that ways to pay, like Bitcoin and Apple Pay, are not going away.

What goes around comes around

Remember that technology you created that once was cool, but became obsolete? Well, Sony’s unveiling of the Walkman NW-ZX2 shows that you can dust off an old technology, bring it into the 21st Century and have a big hit all over again. A New Year’s Resolution for your company could be the same: Dig around in your tech closet for something old that could be something new.

Managed service providers can show their skills

One of the trends was a smarter home, so if your MSP company likes to show off new ways to do this, now is the time to get something going. “The smart home of 2020,” Mashable reported, “can use sensors and personal preferences to automatically adjust our environment. Some somber realism is called for, though: While there were plenty of examples of smart-home concepts at CES, real-world standards remain just out of reach.”

Whatever business you are in will most definitely see ways consumer technology can change your business. I’d be interested to know if anything you’ve read about or saw for yourself at CES will be a game-changer for your company. Drop us a comment.

Photo credit: Tech Cocktail via Flickr