BYOD may be Problematic for Business Solutions

BYOD may be Problematic for Business Solutions

May 1

We live in a technological climate where most people have some sort of portable computing device. Some small and medium-sized businesses have encouraged their employees to bring their personal devices to work . Others encourage them to buy into business-backed device programs as a cost-cutting factor. The issue is whether this actually benefits the business by saving money on electronics or puts it at risk. Data shows that BYOD might be problematic for business solutions.

More Companies are Adopting BYOD Business Solutions

Nationwide Insurance currently has more than 6,000 employee-owned BlackBerry smartphones integrated with its business operations. Pharmaceutical manufacturer Cardinal Health has 10,000 personal devices in use, saving it about $8 million in just three years according to the report by Companies need to service all these personal devices. This is why online licensing and use of the cloud make data backup and security more difficult.

Every outside access point is a risk to security so vendors are stepping up to help these businesses. Some vendors provide software to safeguard system access and verification of devices while others support firewall and network security software. Other companies like Johnson & Johnson simply try to keep their critical data offline and come up with multiple failsafes to promote business continuity with their information infrastructure.