Businesses recognize difference between data backup and disaster recovery

Businesses recognize difference between data backup and disaster recovery

July 27

When it comes to preparing for potential problems in the workplace, businesses might implement data backup software. However, according to the Press-Enterprise, what few realize is that data backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity are all three different things, each vital to company survival during a crisis.

When a business implements backup and recovery software, it is simply setting up a system to store data that can be easily and quickly accessed should primary systems crash. Without disaster recovery efforts and a business continuity strategy, the company is likely to still experience major issues.

However, even with a high-quality disaster recovery solution in place, without data backups, the business is likely to fail. Only by implementing all of these services can a company ensure success following an emergency, whether its a server crash or tornado.

Recovery is just as important a service as backup creation. Data backups may be safe and secure, but without swift and reliable recovery solutions the business will take too long to get back to work. When recovering data, a business needs to not only download its data again, but know what data to download first, where it’s going and who needs access immediately.

The final piece of planning for disaster includes not just storing data in a secure place, but also preparing resources and training employees to know what to do before, during and after the crisis. Without a business continuity strategy a employees may simply stay home with their families. However, with proper training, a company can get up and running hours after catastrophe strikes, with employees working remotely to get operational.