Businesses prepare for disaster in numerous ways

Businesses prepare for disaster in numerous ways

July 5

While disaster preparedness at home means developing an evacuation plan, putting together emergency kits, and creating a family communication plan for a crisis, disaster doesn’t always strike at home. In different scenarios, disaster recovery means different things. For a business it can be far more complex, as companies need to protect not only their employees, but their other assets as well.

“Businesses that have preparedness plans and regularly exercise those plans are better able to ensure the safety of their workers and their customers,” Jonathon Monken, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, told the Morris Daily Herald. “Having a plan can also help businesses protect their facilities, products, and electronic information and get back up and running quickly after a disaster. Taking these steps plays a critical role in saving lives and ensuring an entire community gets back on its feet more quickly following a disaster.”

For protecting their data at least, the solution for many businesses is simple. Backup and recovery software provides a flexible and reliable way for a company to get up and running against after a disaster, be it power loss or a hurricane.

However, implementing software isn’t always enough. A company also has to practice its business continuity strategy in order to ensure employees are prepared and be proactive in the planning and recovery process.