Businesses need to back up mobile devices as well

Businesses need to back up mobile devices as well

July 18

While data backup software is becoming more important for businesses, with severe weather and other disasters increasing in frequency, some are forgetting to match their disaster recovery solutions with operational needs. For example, more businesses are adopting mobile devices in the workplace, but many are neglecting to protect these devices need the same diligence afforded to traditional IT systems.

In order to accommodate mobility trends, businesses are adopting new technology every day. However, many forget that supporting smartphones and tablets, especially those personally owned by employees, in the workplace provides a data source that business continuity plans might not cover. If an employee uses his or her tablet extensively in the workplace and it crashes, a business must ensure files stored on the device are backed up as well.

According to MSPmentor, mobility helps improve productivity and lower IT and other business-related costs. However, by not following through completely and supporting mobile devices in the company’s backup solution, a business puts those benefits at risk. Protecting data, regardless of where it is stored, is key to maintaining successful operations at any time, and vital to doing so during a crisis.