Businesses may seek alternative to built-in Windows backup

Businesses may seek alternative to built-in Windows backup

July 17

Despite an improved Windows backup service with Windows 8, business users may want to seek an alternative solution, says Computerworld. The news source stated that while the new file backup feature is superior to options available with Windows 7 and previous versions, it is still incomplete and substandard.

According to the news source, IDC analysts said that while the feature is far from unique, its only advantage is that it is already built into the OS. However, for large-scale use, such as for businesses, it will likely fail the operational needs of users.

Additionally, the File History service will only cover personal data, meaning files stored in Libraries, Desktop, Favorite, and the Contacts folders. Any business considering upgrading to Windows 8 when it is released commercially in October should expect to still implement additional data backup and recovery software to meet professional needs.

When it comes to disaster recovery, no company wants to use subpar resourcing, making high-quality system backup software a necessity, not a luxury.