Businesses look to cloud for data protection

Businesses look to cloud for data protection

May 23

A new survey by CA Technologies examines business continuity plans and cloud adoption among companies, finding that 55 percent plan to use the cloud for their data protection needs. Many businesses contend with data loss on a daily basis and 100 percent of the 300 participants in the survey admitted that they suffered from at least one related incident last year.

According to the survey, only 26 percent of businesses in North America have implemented an adequate disaster recovery plan, though 49 percent have increased their data protection expenditures in order to combat this. Additionally, 76 percent have invested in private cloud solutions for data backup and storage.

The cloud provides a reliable platform for backup and recovery solutions, and many businesses feel that it is both safe and easily accessed. Investing in either private or public cloud data solutions also allows a business to avoid complications related to IT system failures, and external attacks on on-premise servers – two of the primary causes of data loss, according to the survey.

Improving data protection is vital to the continued success of the company and can also help increase productivity and efficiency by relieving worry related to data loss.