Your business has a disaster recovery plan, what about your family?

Your business has a disaster recovery plan, what about your family?

September 10

If you run a business, you likely know the importance of data backup and recovery. Your business hinges on your ability to survive whatever disaster comes your way, so you probably have  a plan for what your business should do following an emergency (if not, read our Recover-Ability Guide “How to Prepare for Disaster”). Having the plan in place means your business is taken care of, but what about at home? Is your family as protected as your business?

Believe it or not, according to a CNN report, an Ad Council survey found that of the 800 surveyed adults, six out of ten American families don’t have a family emergency plan. Only 19 percent said they were “very prepared for disaster.” That means that most people will have no idea what to do in an emergency. Does your family fall in this category? Would your kids know what to do in an emergency? Would you?

While some families admit to thinking they can just “wing it” when a disaster happens, the grim reality is that they’ll be totally unprepared when something goes wrong. A disaster plan might not be the most exciting thing to discuss with your family, but it’s certainly an important one.

The article suggests that people take the time to devise a plan by visiting FEMA’s preparedness website, which features a variety of tools that can help families prepare for emergencies. Or, for a funny look at what not to do, check out this great PSA from the Ad Council.

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