Business Continuity

Business Continuity

January 25

It’s called “disaster recovery” because it can help you get access to your systems and data following catastrophes of all kinds. But DR can also keep your business going following those everyday mishaps – something as simple as accidentally deleting a critical file or as complex as seeing your RAID server crash. Having a way to keep your business going in the event of a minor accident should be part of your overall disaster recovery plan.

That’s where StorageCraft solutions can help. The ShadowProtect line of award-winning backup and disaster recovery software for Windows systems and data helps you have a worry-free computing environment.  Once you install ShadowProtect and create backup schedules on your servers and desktops, you have a copy of everything, in case you ever need it. With incremental (or delta) backups that you can take every 15 minutes, you can even ensure you have copies of minor changes you make throughout the day. Just need a specific file? You right click on the backup image file from your last backup, mount it as the next available drive letter, then simply navigate to the folder with the missing file. Now you just copy it – or drag and drop it to where you want it.

Disaster recovery software can make the difference between something being just a minor hiccup in a busy day, or a major problem that brings business to a screeching halt. Find out more about ShadowProtect solutions and see if they can help your business continuity.