Business continuity plan is important during the Olympics

Business continuity plan is important during the Olympics

April 6

The world’s attention will be centered on London this summer for the latest Olympic Games. In preparation for the event, which may translate into higher traffic demands and security threats, companies should be prioritizing their business continuity and recovery plans, according to Business Computing World.

“I am calling on all businesses to review their disaster recovery plans to ensure they are able to deal with the unique impact the event could have,” industry expert Andrew Hayward wrote for the technology news provider.

For starters, Hayward noted, organizations should test the strength of their networks before the start of the games in order to determine their resiliency. In addition to looking into outward-facing areas, including online purchasing and client-side functions, he said companies should consider increasing their remote working practices.

Furthermore, disaster recovery plans in particular should be tested to ensure they can withstand any type of security threat that could be launched to take advantage of the Olympics.

These are recommendations that can be applied to all companies and at all times, not just during global events. Increasing numbers of endpoint devices, digital data, and security threats have all strained enterprise networks, making continuity a key process for decision-makers.