Business continuity isn’t just for disasters

Business continuity isn’t just for disasters

July 17

When it comes to preparing for a disaster, business continuity strategies are vital for any company. However, this planning process can help a business outside of a crisis as well. When dealing with major events like the Olympics or other situations that may disrupt normal working conditions, a business can use its continuity plan to keep operations smooth and productivity up, whether employees are working from the office or home.

According to ITPro, in preparation for the Summer Olympics, London officials have asked businesses to keep non-essential personnel out of the office and to rework other employees’ schedules to avoid congestion and other issues related to the massive increase in traffic throughout the city. This gives many businesses an excellent opportunity to test the systems they have in place should a more serious crisis occur.

During any event where employees may not be able to make it into the office or a computer system could go down, ensuring quick and reliable access to information, a stable network infrastructure, and reliable data backup software is key. Without these tools a company may falter or fail when it comes to resuming operations and getting everything running smoothly again.