Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, You Have StorageCraft

Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, You Have StorageCraft

January 31

business continuity and disaster recovery

StorageCraft lands right in the middle of business continuity and disaster recovery.

In light of natural disaster events in the past several years, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and strategies have become a higher priority among businesses.  Over the past twenty or so years our reliance on technology has steadily increased along with the need to protect the electronic data we use. StorageCraft, with our end-to-end disaster recovery solution, has been a valued player in the protection of data.  But where exactly does StorageCraft fit in?

Disaster recovery and business continuity terms are almost always presented together as if they were one concept.  However, disaster recovery and business continuity have two distinct purposes.

Disaster recovery sits clearly in the IT department realm and asks questions like: The systems are down, what do we need to do to recover them? In order to answer these questions, it’s useful to put together a disaster recovery plan. While a DR plan can be lengthy, developing one is fairly straight forward.  DR plans will encompass components such as the documentation of the system, step by step instructions on the recovery of the systems (it should be assumed that the systems being recovered will not be performed by any current IT staffer), as well as a priority of systems to be recovered (this is normally prioritized by the business continuity plan). For a more detailed look at how to document all aspects of an IT infrastructure for creating a DR plan, have a look at our ebook “Making Disaster Recovery Easy.”

On the other side is business continuity (BC), a process owned by the whole organization and not just the IT department.  Business continuity addresses how a business can continue to function during any failure event, large or small, and asks questions like: what happens if you lose 80% of your staff to the flu (N1H1 is making its rounds again, after all)? How will you function then?  How do your customers continue to do business with you during that type of event? What other types of event might affect your staff and ability to continue doing business? A good BC plan will look at critical departments and their processes while developing strategies that will outline how each of those departments will continue to function during a crisis. Certainly the event can be IT related, but business continuity also addresses other issues everywhere from pandemic crisis all the way to riots and acts of God.

StorageCraft can’t necessarily assist in helping you through a non IT-related crisis, but we can provide some functionality in the business continuity realm for IT-related continuity issues.  Utilizing “quick recovery” strategies of VirtualBoot and HeadStart Restore, StorageCraft can enable a business to recover very quickly when an IT disaster occurs. This can be true for a local type of disaster (hardware failure, user error etc.) or if something more major occurs (e.g. fire, flood, tornado).  These two types of strategies (VirtualBoot, HeadStart Restore) can have your machines functioning again in a matter of minutes.

As illustrated in the diagram above, StorageCraft clearly assists disaster recovery utilizing the end-to-end disaster recovery suite of products known as the Recover-Ability Solution, while also providing an overlap to business continuity that, when leveraged effectively, performs quite well in the business continuity arena. .