Business aren’t satisfied with status of data recovery today

Business aren’t satisfied with status of data recovery today

October 2

In a recent survey of IT managers, ExaGrid Systems found that many are dissatisfied with the state of disaster recovery and data backups today. Stemming from delayed modernization, this dissatisfaction rests primarily on businesses’ general inability to protect all of their growing data with outdated data backup software and technology.

According to the study, 54 percent of respondents feel that backups take too long, while 48 percent feel recovery is taking too long. Additionally, 51 percent of IT managers said their current technology isn’t reliable or efficient enough to meet data growth and general business expectations.

Technology like the cloud, virtualization, and mobility, as well as trends like big data, make antiquated backup solutions like tape increasingly difficult to maintain with any efficiency. For the modern business, this means upgrading to backup hard drive solutions or cloud storage. With a faster, more reliable way to store and protect backups, a business can focus on other areas and improve productivity. By investing in a higher-quality data backup solution, a business can reduce the cost of protecting its resources as well.

The survey found that 75 percent of respondents who still utilize tape plan to switch to disk backups within the next 12 months.

While no two businesses run the same way, all need to keep their data safe from natural and man-made disasters, and without a solution that meets unique operational need, a company will suffer. By investing sooner rather than later, a business can make data protection more efficient, cost effective, and reliable, and stop worrying that a minor problem could wipe hours’ or days’ worth of work away, if not cripple the company entirely.