Broken New Year’s Resolutions… Not for Social Media

Broken New Year’s Resolutions… Not for Social Media

February 7

Gabe Ulloa is the Interactive Media and Marketing Event Coordinator for ARRC Technology and CharTec.

Now that it’s February, most of us have already broken our personal New Year’s resolutions, but what about our business ones? Don’t have any? Why not? These are more than just goals set up in a board room with your manager. What about things like creating a better company culture, working on reducing employee stress, or something like that?

Have you considered social media? Make a New Year’s resolution to be better than you were last year. Sure you can get more likes or more followers, but what about refining your online voice? Keeping up with trending topics and then writing a blog based on it? Social media strategy is more than measuring the number of likes you get.

Social media is the voice of your brand and front lines of your customer service team.  The goal of social media is building the relationship. Nurturing this relationship will in turn not necessarily get you more followers, but more qualified followers. Yes, when it comes down to it we all want more traffic to the site and more sales, but make sure you are approaching this in the correct manner. Numbers are important, but remember that most customers value trust over price.

This year, set a goal to engage more with your customers and get your followers to trust you. Every relationship is all give and take. The more work you put into it, the more you can get out of it. Social media is no different.

Here are three easy things you can do to increase engagement:

1)      Images are a great way to engage, even if it’s not a picture. Use an infographic or other images to get people talking.

2)      Video is the king of content, something original and of value is always a great way to engage. Add some humor and you could even go viral!

3)      Don’t just put stuff out there. Ask questions. Don’t assume people are automatically going to engage with you. Engage first and give them a reason to engage back.