Big data, mobility crucial for modern decision-makers

Big data, mobility crucial for modern decision-makers

April 10

Business executives who want to keep up with the latest IT trends should likely focus on big data, mobility and cloud computing. Gartner Research Vice President Hung LeHong recently explained how modern CIOs view some of the most innovative trends influencing the tech landscape.

LeHong said that smartphone and tablet applications are popular among both consumers and companies alike. Although the advancement of mobile technology has reached new heights, there are still opportunities for the market moving forward.

“Therefore, the enterprise must have a position on how mobile technology will improve the enterprise strategy – waiting too long poses too much risk of missing or not being ready for future opportunities,” LeHong said.

Data management has changed significantly at the hands of big data. According to LeHong, CIOs must place greater emphasis on analytics in order to extract value from their information. Companies that do not want to operate outside of their comfort zone may end up implementing big data technology too late, he asserted.

Enterprise IT spending staying healthy thanks to innovative technologies
Decision-makers worldwide appear to be embracing innovative solutions like cloud computing, mobility, big data and analytics to keep their firms competitive. A report by market research firm IDC said that IT spending among enterprises is forecast to grow 6 percent between 2012 and 2013, totaling $474 billion this year.

Although the current economic crisis has had an impact on spending throughout certain industries, IT remains resilient. Ted Dangson, vice president of IDC’s global technology and industry research organization (GTIRO), explained that the adoption of big data, cloud computing, mobility and analytics is playing a key role in keeping IT budgets healthy.

Natasha Menon, research analyst at GTIRO, noted that several U.S. states are expected to experience enterprise spending increases this year.

“This growth is being driven by a high percentage of healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services businesses in these states and IT spending aligns with economic projections of employment growth in these industries,” Menon said.

The IT industry remains a burgeoning field that is responsible for some of the most significant and innovative solutions available. The adoption of cloud computing, mobility and big data is not just for businesses in the tech sector, but industries of all kinds. Decision-makers who want to take their organizations to new heights should focus on how these options can help.

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