Big Data Drives Online Backup Concerns for Feds

Big Data Drives Online Backup Concerns for Feds

May 30

Federal agencies struggle with big data, with federal IT budgets remaining the same year after year. Data storage requirements are growing by 30 to 40 percent annually, according to an IDC study quoted by PCWorld. Federal organizations are devoting more of their budgets to data each year, cutting back on other necessary areas.

Feds Moving toward Tiered Storage Architecture

In order to manage this data, federal agencies have to invest in proper storage solutions. Set solutions must provide not only a reliable system to save that data, but also backup and recovery software. According to the news source, many agencies are adopting tiered storage architecture. This takes advantage of varying technologies for different levels of functionality and sensitivity. From physical media to cloud-based storage, these solutions are used to maintain information from simple schedules to encrypted passwords and data files.

According to the news source, tape backups provide a slow-access solution. But this might not work for the majority of agencies that need quick and immediate access. Backup hard drive systems and the cloud provide faster solutions, but are more expensive. Many agencies can make use of a combination for immediate disaster recovery versus long-term storage. But this also might not suit every organization’s needs.

Big Data Concerns: It Implies Big Costs

Regardless of what combination of solutions an organization adopts for its storage needs, it should include a reliable disaster recovery solution. It is not a question of whether a business could lose its sensitive data, but when. Being prepared for that is one of the most important aspects of business continuity today.

For government agencies, or any company dealing with petabytes of data, this can be an expensive proposition, but far less costly than not being able to recover that data if a server crashes or natural disaster strikes.