Big data doesn’t change need for disaster recovery

Big data doesn’t change need for disaster recovery

December 10

While big data has been a prominent topic in the news lately, disaster recovery outshines it for two important reasons. Some businesses are seeing big data have a major effect on operations and revenue streams, but others are still waiting – some excitedly, others not so much – for the trend to finally strike. However, disasters are a real possibility, and while the volume of data a business deals with can affect how it goes about backing it up, it doesn’t change the fact that backup and recovery software is essential to running a business.

Whether a company handles 5 gigs of data or 500 terabytes, any loss can be catastrophic to operations. Retention laws could be unintentionally broken, profits could suffer, and workflow could be interrupted. For businesses, this is worse than the chaos that unmanaged big data can cause.

However, implementing a high-quality data backup solution can have a positive effect on a company’s big data needs, and help prepare those that haven’t yet experienced the trend. By improving data retention, disaster preparedness, and overall data management, data backup software can make a company more mindful of the state its data is in, which, in turn, will improve the management and organization of larger data volumes at a later date.