Beyond the Cloud: Three Segments Driving Growth in the IT Industry

Beyond the Cloud: Three Segments Driving Growth in the IT Industry

May 2

The cloud, with its distributed services and on-demand resources, has drastically changed the face of the enterprise-level computing landscape. However, it’s not the only game in town. There are other powerful paradigms at work, each having their own significant impact on how businesses view and execute IT functions. Enough of my babbling. Let’s take a look at the heavy hitters in the IT arena that span beyond the cloud.

Big Data

The need to manage, crunch, and visualize terabytes of information has created a thriving new market – big data. From email marketing to social media, this fast growing trend is enabling organizations to integrate data from a multitude of sources and transform that information into the ultimate intelligence. But big data isn’t just a business thing. It’s making a huge impact on a social scale, with the latest evidence seen in the mountains of data authorities analyzed to find the parties responsible for the recent Boston Marathon bombings.

One thing’s for sure – big data is only going to get bigger. According to SAP, analysts predict that big data technology will hit $10 billion in revenue this year and reach $20 billion by 2016.

Social Media

With all the development processes that go on behind the scenes, it’s safe to say that social media is an IT thing. And what a big one it is. According to an infographic, 2012 was a year that saw all the major platforms setting their own individual milestones. The most impressive was undoubtedly Facebook, which surpassed one billion active users last year. While the names on leaderboard may vary from to time (ask MySpace and Friendster), the social channel as a whole looks poised for steady growth here on out.

One reason social is so strong is because it’s so heavily relied on by both consumers and businesses. A recent survey conducted by Bibby Financial Services found that 78 percent of small businesses are planning to dedicate more time on social media over the next twelve months.

Enterprise Mobility

The bring your own device (BYOD) concept has fueled a large portion of the fire that drives enterprise mobility. It really is an intriguing subject because while organizations are increasingly embracing this practice with open arms, there are genuine concerns that have some waiting on the sidelines. For IT, the biggest challenges involve developing strategies that enable mobile devices to support a more distributed workforce, while keeping data secure and protecting the corporate identity. Nevertheless, enterprise mobility is on the rise and expected to reach a whopping $181.39 billion by 2017, according to a MarketsandMarkets report.


There are many new developments and advancements in the IT industry. When it comes to adopting new technologies, organizations can’t settle into just one or two and get comfortable. Focus on the trends that are most relevant to your business, but keep an eye on the whole playing field. Who knows? You may spot the next big thing that gives you an even bigger push forward.