Our Best IT Disaster Articles from 2014

Our Best IT Disaster Articles from 2014

January 5

We’ve taken a look at our year in advice for MSPs and we’ve had a look at our most popular articles on disaster, but it seemed like something was missing. As we all know, nature does cause some nasty disasters, but the everyday IT disasters we encounter are far more likely to cause costly downtime than the ones nature throws at us.

With that in mind, we compiled all of our favorite articles on IT disaster from 2014. This list has posts that help you do everything from plan for data disaster all the way to understanding what to do if your client somehow suffers a data breach.

Top 7 Worst Data Disasters of 2014

From large breaches to DDoS attacks on major corporations, 2014 was a big year for data disaster. This article looks at seven of the worst data disasters of the year.

Yes, Even Networked Healthcare Equipment is Hackable

It’s a little scary, but the medical equipment designed to save your life can potentially be controlled by hackers. Any equipment connected to the Internet has the potential for attack, but protecting those that save lives is one of the most important things an IT provider can do.

IT Disasters in Focus: User Error

For the first post in our new series IT Disasters in Focus, we looked at a form of data disaster that we all know too well—user error. It can affect anyway at any time and it’s not always what you might expect.

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Adaptable?

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan and many have them. The trouble is creating one that can adapt to various situations so that no disaster can cause an intolerable amount of downtime. This post takes a look at the importance of flexible disaster recovery plans.

New Terms in the Disaster Recovery Space or New Names for Old Concepts?

There are a lot of terms flying around the disaster recovery industry, some new, some old, but which do you really need to keep up on and which are destined to disappear?

Five Small Disasters and How MSPs Can Help Clients Avoid Them

As we noted, sometimes small disasters cause the biggest problems. This article looks at five very common disasters so that you know just what to do to avoid them.

How do DDoS Attacks Affect Business Continuity Planning?

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks increase each year and it’s becoming something every business needs to account for in an affective business continuity plan. This post goes over some things to think about with regard to DDoS and your BC plan.

Why You Need a Data Breach Response Plan and How to Make One

Nobody wants to deal with a data breach, but even with the tightest security, something bad can happen and you need to know exactly what to do if it does. This guide walks you through what your data breach response plan should include so you’ve get every base covered.

These Five IT Disasters are Trending

This article discusses the IT disasters that are starting to cause the most issues for businesses. If you’re not on top of these threats already, it’s time you got on it.

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