Be the Hero

Be the Hero

August 8

“Hero” is a term that gets used, and perhaps abused, a lot these days.  The dictionary definition is, “…a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.” A more practical definition might go something like this, “At 5:04 PM my company’s server went down. I thought my data was gone and my company was doomed. An hour later, you had my company up and running again with no loss of data.  Man, you really saved my bacon.”

Be a Hero

That’s the reason our newest marketing campaign uses the theme “Be a Hero” in the best possible sense.  In a new ad that broke on August 3rd, a fireman is shown looking at what is seemingly an impossible task…saving a burning building. It is a very fitting visual metaphor for what you do for your clients in the face of a data disaster. To them, putting out the metaphorical flames of a data disaster and helping them get back to a state of normalcy is every bit as heroic as pulling someone from a life-threatening situation,  because, in reality, it is life-threatening—the life of a company and the livelihood of its employees depend on the data you save and restore.

Disaster Recovery Requires the Right Person with the Right Tools. You.

That’s why our suite of disaster recovery software is a toolkit of sorts designed to help you to fully recover data from almost any disastrous situation whether caused by Mother Nature of human nature. In addition, we want to provide you with tools that will help you market your services to your customers and potential customers. So we have prepared a FREE Partner Toolkit that resides on our partner portal and contains customizable templates for flyers, direct mailers, e-mailers and web ads. To get more information about these new materials, visit: We really do want you to have the tools that will help you do what you do best, be the hero.