Be better prepared with cloud disaster recovery

Be better prepared with cloud disaster recovery

November 8

As one of the fastest-growing services within the cloud, disaster recovery provides businesses with versatile, instant access to their data backups from any location, rather than restricting recovery efforts to a single location.

According to the news source, cloud-based disaster recovery provides a number of compliance and big data benefits, which can help a business reduce costs, streamline workflow, and be better prepared for any potential crisis. With the cloud, data backup software can be more easily automated, providing steady, uninterrupted protection from data loss, and enable a business to better manage large data volumes.

Addressing compliance
One primary issue that businesses face following a disaster is compliance. If any data is lost, it puts the business at risk of breaking retention regulations. Should an audit or eDiscovery request come down, the company could face fines and other legal problems. This should therefore be a main focus for businesses looking to ensure their ability to survive a disaster. With cloud-based backups, a business can be sure that its data is accessible, no matter what happens to its primary systems. And with a proper backup schedule, there should be no worries that compliance will be a problem.

Business continuity is more than just restoring systems to working order – it’s about considering every angle and being prepared for the worst. With the right backup and recovery software in place, no company should worry about a disaster, or the aftereffects.